We are working on our new selections for 2018.  



Farmers' Market Blend

Welcome to the Farmers' Market with our best-selling dark roasted blend. This signature coffee is enjoyed each week by patrons of farmers markets as they visit the vendors' stands.


Tata Blend

As the name suggests, we have created a special blend for the folks in and around Tatamagouche.  This popular coffee is a medium-dark blend with complex body that lends itself to brewing by espresso or drip method.


Canada 150 Blend

Kick up your heels in celebration of Canada!  This special roast will be available all year long so enjoy the festivities with a cup of Ceilidh Coffee.  


Swiss Water Process Decaf

Enjoy the pleasures of fresh roasted organic coffee without the caffeine.  This bean is delicious with a deep chocolate/nutty cup.  


Single Origins

We change our single origins according to the seasonal availability of the various coffee regions around the globe. For spring, these include Colombia, Sumatra and Guatemala. 


We Ship!

We will ship to your door for $16 per bag which includes shipping anywhere within Nova Scotia. There is a 3-bag minimum per order.
For shipping out of Nova Scotia, just go to contact us or send an email to info@ceilidhcoffeeroasters.ca