Our customers have wholeheartedly embraced this Central America bean.  It offers a clean, bright cup without the heavy body found in coffees from many other regions.  Best brewed by drip method or in a French press.


Highlander Blend

For Bluenosers, visitors and all who love the highlands of Cape Breton Island.  We proudly pay homage to this special region with a medium-dark blend.  This coffee lends itself to brewing by espresso or drip method.


Canada 152 Blend

Kick up your heels in celebration of Canada!  This special roast was our most popular last year.  This blend is still going strong.  Keep the celebration rocking!   


Papua New Guinea

A favourite of ours, this bean is decidedly mellow with a beautiful delicate flavour and a clean finish.  Best brewed in a press or pour over to capture the full experience.  Get your aeropress ready for this delicious origin.


Single Origins

We roast single origins according to the seasonal availability of the various coffee regions around the globe. For spring, these include Papua New Guinea and Guatemala. 


We Ship!

We will ship to your door for $16 per bag which includes shipping anywhere within Nova Scotia. There is a 3-bag minimum per order.
To order go to contact us or send an email to linda@ceilidhcoffeeroasters.ca